How to use the Birmingham Law Society Forum

How to use the Birmingham Law Society Forum

The Birmingham Law Society Forum is an area for you to discuss all manner of topics relating both to the legal profession and the work of BLS.  Please feel free to join in.  Posts can be published anonymously should you wish to do so and please feel free to suggest other topics in the ‘Suggestions for other topics’ section.

First you will need to login to the Birmingham Law Society website. 

Once on the website, click the LOGIN button in the top right corner of our website’s homepage.

This will take you to the following page:

Fill in the E-mail field with your membership email address (the email that receives your BLS communications)

If you have not used the membership login before, click the forgot password? link below the Login button. This will generate a password for you to use, which will be sent to your email. You can also follow this step if you have forgotten your password.

Once you have logged in, you are able to use the forum:

Click here to access the forum

How to add a post on the forum 

On the forum, you will see a list of current topics that are being discussed. Click on the title of the one you wish to contribute to:

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Note: If you would like to add a discussion point, please do so on the ‘suggested topics’ section at the bottom of the forum and we will generate your new post as soon as possible.

Click the Add Topic button to start writing your post

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You will need to add your name and email (you can write your name as ‘anonymous’ if you do not wish to reveal your name). Other forum users will not be able to see your email address. When you are finished, press the Add Topic button again to submit your post for moderation.

How to reply to posts on the forum

You can also reply to other posts in the same way. Click on the post that you wish to reply to.

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Scroll down to the box below, where you can type out your response. Click on the Add Reply button to submit your response for moderation.

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Should you need further assistance, you can contact us by e-mail at