Our Charity

Alice Kinder, President of Birmingham Law Society for 2023/24, has chosen to support the following charity during her year

Social Mobility Foundation (SMF)

The Social Mobility Foundation started breaking down barriers in 2005 by directly supporting young people.

Today, the Aspiring Professionals Programme – which welcomes thousands of young people each year – is one of three ways that they create more social mobility. They also influence employers to create more diverse workplaces through their Social Mobility Employer Index, and campaign on social mobility issues through their Department for Opportunities.

They believe success should be determined by ability, not where you were born, went to school or the occupation of your parents or guardians. That talent is everywhere in this country, but opportunity is not.

The team of social mobility experts is spread across the UK. Together with their partners in business and civil society, are creating a society where talent from all social backgrounds is nurtured, harnessed and rewarded.