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Founded in 1818, Birmingham Law Society is the largest regional society of its kind, representing more than 9000 legal professionals across Birmingham and the Greater Midlands.

Through our core values of community, advocacy and excellence, we are dedicated to connecting, championing and supporting all of our members.

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Birmingham Law Society COLP/COFA Forum

Date: Wednesday 6th December
Time: 8am – 9.30am
Venue: Shoosmiths
Price: FREE for all to attend

Join us for the 3rd meeting of the Birmingham Law Society COLP/COFA Forum to discuss the latest AML Compliance issues/challenges and the Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Bill including unlimited SRA fines for economic crime as well as the banking facility rule (Rule 3.3 SRA Accounts Rules).

Chaired by Jayne Willetts, Chair of the BLS Professional Regulation Committee who will be joined by Alison Matthews, Quality & Risk Consultant at Shoosmiths and an expert on AML, having worked in this area since 1994.

The sessions will be run under Chatham House rules, so questions and frank discussion are encouraged. Open to those serving as COLP; COFA; MLRO; MLCO; and those working in risk and compliance teams and/or management.

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