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Welcome to the careers in law section of the Birmingham Law Society website. This has been created to provide information to anyone considering a rewarding career in law.

The site is intended to offer a quick reference guide to all aspects of the legal profession, providing an insight into the more traditional careers as a solicitor, barrister, legal executive but also the other varied careers within a legal office, the public authorities and the court system. You will also find information on how to qualify into the legal profession and the financial considerations of doing so. You will also find some useful advice on how to get started.

Birmingham and the surrounding Midlands area is a centre of excellence for the legal sector; servicing clients on a local, national and international scale. Birmingham deserves its reputation as a diverse and exciting location to both work and live. The Birmingham Law Society is committed to encouraging people from all walks of life to work here, in order to better represent the multi-cultural community that we serve.

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