Moneypenny Launches Covid-19 Screening Bot for Law Firms

Moneypenny Launches Covid-19 Screening Bot for Law FirmsA new online Self-screening Bot has been launched to help law firms manage clients’ safety more easily, before any face-to-face meetings take place.

Launched by leading outsourced communication provider Moneypenny, the bot has three core functions, all of which can be customised easily. Firstly, it captures contact details securely in one place to enable track and trace should a firm be exposed. It also communicates any on-site policies, such as the use of face coverings or handwashing on arrival and gains the visitors’ consent. Finally, it asks users a series of health-related questions to check clients are in good health before they visit.

Self-screening Bot will ascertain whether any one is self-isolating, has any Covid-19 symptoms, has come into contact with anyone who has or is suspected of having the virus or if they feel unwell.

It is the latest innovation to help the legal sector remain efficient and operational during the Covid-19 pandemic from Moneypenny, which also offers telephone answering and live chat solutions.

Joanna Swash, Chief Executive Officer of Moneypenny, which works with more than 1,000 law firms, said: “We’ve developed this tool specifically to offer extra reassurance and give confidence to firms as they begin to open their doors to clients again.

“By using the bot, firms can ensure that all parties are symptom-free before they come into contact with each other, and can rest assured that they’ve done as much as possible to protect their staff and clients without the need for messy paper trails or clunky forms.”

Joanna added: “This is not a substitute for observing social distancing and extra hand hygiene, but an extra layer of safety and due diligence to help the sector remain compliant when face-to face meetings are required, such as for mediation or when wills are instructed. With an incredibly simple set up that takes less than 24 hours and no long-term contracts, we expect Self-screening Bot to be a very welcome tool for legal practices.”

Users can simply share a link to a brand-customised page which hosts the bot. Firms access full analytics via their own individual portal and receive a real-time response email for every completed questionnaire to their chosen email address/es. It is also possible to escalate chats (based on the answers provided) to either their own in-house staff, or to a Moneypenny receptionist, for an additional cost. To find out more about the new tool, visit:

Established in 2000, Moneypenny handles more than 2 million legal calls and live chats each year for firms across the UK, including 60 of the Top 200. In 2008, the provider established a dedicated legal team to support growing demand.

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