The day in the life of a relationship manager at the Law Society – Rav Hothi, the Law Society

The day in the life of a relationship manager at the Law Society – Rav Hothi, the Law Society

Dear Law Society members, I hope that you are well and coping with the current circumstances both personally and with your places of work.  The Law Society is working hard to promote the interests of our members across England & Wales to ensure that the requisite guidance and support is available.  We are also making representations on behalf of the profession at Government level and with regulators.  My role is very much to engage with solicitors across the Midlands and the Southwest to ensure that they are aware of what is being done on their behalf by their representative body and to ensure that the Law Society is aware of what the concerns and needs of our members are.

So what does the average day working from home for a Law Society relationship manager look like?

8.30am – The relationship management team are gathered for a morning briefing with a host of colleagues from across a number of departments.  We are briefed on the latest issues on areas such as COVID-19, Brexit and challenges for the profession.  In turn the relationship management team update colleagues on what the members are reporting to us.  This is currently a weekly call and we use this to ensure that we are all clear on the tasks and have the latest information to report to members.

9.30am – I am joined by our CEO, Paul Tennant for a meeting with the managing partner of large commercial law firm who would like to discuss issues that concern their firm and to pick up on any best practice that the Law Society has to impart. A brief chat with the boss to follow to review the actions, I am relieved that one of my sons only made it as far as the office door before being tackled by my wife during this conversation with Paul!

11am – I have a meeting with the chair of a criminal law committee of a major legal centre, picking up the issues and the areas for the Law Society to make representations to the MoJ and the Legal Aid Agency on, there is a brief interruption from my daughter with an announcement of her intentions to use the facilities, then back to it.

12pm – lunch time with the family provided by my 3 children as part of my wife’s expert home schooling!

1pm – A meeting with the CEOs of group of local law societies, a brief interruption from one the attendees children and relief on my part that this also happens to others!  The meeting concludes with an agreement for the societies to publish Law Society guidance on our ‘safe return to the workplace’ on their websites.

2.30pm – Internal call with the Law Society’s in-house legal team on data security, assisted by coffee and a disturbing number of biscuits on this fascinating subject…

3.30pm – Local team meeting with the Midlands & Southwest relationship management team.  The meeting is to review our workload, ensure that we are engaging with a range of members and that we are maximising our time to ensure we are adding value to those with whom we interact with.  My colleague’s dog barks throughout the call and we all pretend that this is cute!

4.30pm – A meeting with the Law Society’s Midlands council members to ensure that they are informed on the latest activities from the relationship management team and that we are across the issues for our members collectively.  The Law Society’s council members form the Governance of the Law Society, you can find details for your local representative here –

6pm – The day is over and it’s time to take over with the kids as my wife has by this point earned a well deserved rest!  Being there to see them at this time each day has been a real blessing and something that I am truly grateful for. All three children at this point now no longer feel the need to be in the office having spent the whole day trying to get in!

I hope that you all stay well, if you would like to know more about what the Law Society is doing for you with the issues that we currently face please visit our new ‘RRR’ campaign website –

The RRR campaign is Return, Restart and Recovery which has been designed to support solicitors and firms to return to their offices safely, to help solicitors and firms to restart the economy and to empower solicitors and firms to drive the recovery after coronavirus.

The Midlands and Southwest relationship management team consists of myself, Sarah Richards and James Shepherd We would all be delighted to hear from you so please do get in touch.

Best wishes

Rav Hothi

Head of Relationship Management – Midlands & South West
The Law Society
M: 07816929749
Twitter: @LSMidlands / @TheLawsocietySW