Lichfield solicitor honoured to nurture next generation of lawyers at Birmingham University of Law

The head of a respected Lichfield family law firm is to help the next generation of budding lawyers to follow in his footsteps after taking up a prestigious university position.

Mark Adcock, a senior director at Adcocks Solicitors in Lombard Street, has revealed that he’s accepted an appointment to be a visiting lecturer at Birmingham’s University of Law.

An honoured Mark, who heads up the 112-year-old law firm and has been a practising solicitor and partner in the award-winning niche practice for the last 37 years, said he was delighted and looking forward to lecturing at such a prestigious and innovative university.

Mark, who is the grandson of Adcock’s founder and works alongside his son and daughter, directors Hedley Adcock and Frances Di Pierri, is highly respected in the specialist areas of land law, equity and trusts, professional practice and leasehold reform law.

It’s his experience in these areas that have also seen him working with the Law Commission, a statutory independent body advising the Government on areas of law for possible reform and more recently providing expert opinion on matters of professional conduct for the professions Regulator.

Mark, who will continue to practice as a specialist solicitor, said: “I’m very pleased to accept this appointment and I feel incredibly honoured to have such a great opportunity to be able to help budding young law students achieve their objectives as practising lawyers.”

“Adcocks has helped to nurture around 750 law careers in its long 112-year history and it’s wonderful to be given the chance to do that at university level now too.”

“I’m very much looking forward to starting this new chapter as a part-time lecturer in law.”

Birmingham University of Law is the largest provider of legal education in the UK with a reputation for innovation and contemporary teaching practices and Mark is due to start lecturing this term.