Launch of the Secrets to SQE Success Guide by The College of Legal Practice

The College of Legal Practice is delighted to announce the publishing of the College’s first Secrets to SQE Success Guide, the first of its kind to hit the SQE market.

This unique guide is packed with advice, tips and real student experiences surrounding the SQE and how best to set students up to succeed. It brings together two years worth of student and tutor experience from the SQE assessments, and many years of expertise from the College’s supervisors and academic team.

“Here at The College of Legal Practice, we have already trained hundreds of students for the SQE assessments and, using our expertise and their experiences, we have created this unique guide to give you the inside track on the SQE. We spoke to students who’ve experienced every stage of the SQE process, along with College supervisors with decades of real-world practice expertise, to uncover the secrets to success for this new qualification route.” Jane Waddell, Head of Curriculum at the College

This unique guide will share with you everything that you don’t necessarily hear about when thinking about studying for the SQE. It gives you the inside track, the reality of preparing for and taking the SQE, all based on experiences of students who’ve sat the exams. It is the first of its kind, and the College hopes that it helps every student who is considering the SQE to make the right choice for their SQE journey.

The guide offers:

  • The nuts and bolts of the SQE route to qualification
  • Top tips from SQE candidates and supervisors on how to succeed within your SQE prep studies
  • The College’s approach to preparing students for the SQE assessments
  • Students first-hand experiences of the SQE assessments and preparing for the SQE
  • Funding your SQE
  • Tips and thoughts from our expert supervisors who are experienced in preparing students for the SQE regarding how to revise and pass the SQE assessments

You can access and download your own copy of the guide here.

If you are an employer or graduate recruiter, please share this guide with your candidates so they know what to expect and how they can study and revise to put them in the best place to pass the SQE.

Some highlights from the report:

“SQE is not a course that you can cram. There’s such a breadth of material that you have to work systematically from the beginning.” Kathryn, Programme Leader at the College

“Making a study plan is key to keeping up with both studying and outside commitments like work and socialising.” Dan, Advice Supervisor and LLM student at the College

“Though many supervisors at the College focus on academic learning, my role is one of mentoring. I meet one-to-one with my students to discuss the personal skills they need in preparation for the SQE. We talk about different strategies for how you might manage your stress, anxiety or time, looking at issues that surround the learning to help you safely plan, prepare for and pass the assessments.” Sajida, Supervisor at the College

“Your hours of study will increase as the exam approaches, and you have to integrate revision.” Ben, Paralegal, Marks & Spencer, LLM student at the College

Background on The College of Legal Practice

The College of Legal Practice is here to help you achieve your career goals. We are an accredited law school based in the UK, offering personalised, flexible and affordable SQE learning for students worldwide. With over 500 students now studying with us, we are here to support you with your SQE journey.

We offer SQE preparation courses at excellent value for money from £1,800 with some of the highest 1-2-1 supervision from expert practitioners available on the market.

Our team are always on hand so, if you need any individual support thinking through your SQE journey, please get in touch. You can schedule a call with the College’s friendly student recruitment team here.