Three questions astute partners ask themselves to avoid career stagnation

As the legal sector continues to evolve, the days of lifelong careers with the same law firm have become a relic of the past. Astute partners regularly take stock of two key factors when considering their career trajectory, personal fulfilment and the interests of their clients. You cannot achieve your highest goals without considering what is key to your clients experience beyond your personal interactions.

Ortus Group has helped numerous law partners realign their careers in their 18 years of servicing the UK legal sector. In that time, the team have found three useful questions to help realign law practitioners with their ideal path, revitalise experienced law firm partners and improve service standards:

1. Are your personal and professional ambitions achievable with your current firm?
An ever important question for partners who feel like they are running on a steadily accelerating treadmill. Even for those who are aligned with their values and ambitions, this question poses as a checkpoint to assess if current actions or inactions – of tf clients voting with their feet.

3. How happy are you at your current firm?
This question often invokes a black-and-white response but the real answer is usually grey. Where are you on that satisfaction spectrum and how much further if at all do you need to move before having a confidential conversation is prudent?

Any considerations that may lead to a move should be approached carefully and strategically to avoid any missteps. With more than 18 years experience in executive search, mergers and acquisitions, Ortus Group is primed to help legal professionals effectively assess their direction of travel and if beneficial, make their next move. For more information, email the team at or call 0330 100 5420.