Opportunity for IP firms to help future proof their operations

As the world emerges out of the COVID-19 pandemic economy, the opportunity for IP firms to help future proof their operations through streamlined Invoicing Workflow is here. Firms need to be focusing on scaling up to address the global growth in IP applications and ecommerce disruption of traditional markets, as clients accelerate the launch of new solutions requiring IP protection. Clients are learning how to transform their own workflow and will expect their professional partners to do the same. Working with the right Legal Payments specialist to deliver a seamless switch to streamlined Invoicing Workflow can help IP firms achieve a demonstrable Return on Investment, including cost savings through significantly reduced manual processes and complex reconciliations, redirecting resources to higher-value matters and managing foreign currency impacts on invoicing. Importantly, firms can also benefit from having the right compliance and fraud mitigation controls in place to deliver operational efficiencies, helping protect firms and clients against fraudsters and compliance with complex cross border payments regulations. As firms look ahead to future proof their IP operations, streamlined Invoicing Workflow needs to be part of the conversation.

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