Message from Child Brain Injury Trust

We are delighted to have been chosen as the President’s charity this year, we cannot thank Inez Brown enough for her support of our charity and the families we support who are affected by childhood acquired brain injury. It has been a privilege to lead the charity for the past 17 years.  I am passionate about improving families futures and have witnessed many changes and challenges over this time, none more so than over this past 5 months.  The pandemic has had a major effect on everyone, and for families affected by brain injury it has been devastating. Unfortunately, illnesses and trauma did not stop and with the NHS under so much pressure, children and young people were discharged early without detailed care plans in place , community services were withdrawn and  schools closed, the charity’s services have been in high demand.

The Child Brain Injury Trust (CBIT) has been supporting families since 1991, which means 2021 will be our 30thanniversary.  This is a momentous achievement and we are looking forward to celebrating with our team, our supporters, the families we support and of course, Birmingham Law Society.

When a child acquires a brain injury it can have a devastating effect on all the family.  Childhood acquired brain injury (ABI) affects approximately 40,000 children and young people each year.  The prevalence of ABI is higher than you might first imagine.  It affects over 31% of the general population, yet there is very little recognition or support structures in place for many of these families.