Climate Change Reports: The New Frontier of Real Estate Due Diligence

Earlier this year, Landmark Information Group joined the Pledge to Net Zero initiative and committed to meeting science-based targets that align with the Paris Agreement, aimed at accelerating a transition to a net-zero carbon economy. As the first property data business in the UK to join the initiative, they were driven not only by the existential imperative they must all surely feel to manage climate change, but also by their own deep understanding of the role that the property industry – as a whole ecosystem – can and must play.

No country, industry or person will be untouched by the effects of climate change. When Landmark Information Group zones in on property, particularly through their own lens of sector data and insights, they can see how the role of climate change reporting is set to take on even greater importance in the years to come. It is clear that the company have reached a critical point where, as an industry they must ask: are they measuring the right things, in the right way, at the right time?

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