Birmingham Law Society Announces New Partnership with Insight 6

Birmingham Law Society are delighted to announce we are partnering with local customer experience specialists insight6 who work with over 200 firms across the UK providing a range of support.

New business is not always easy to secure, so making the most of every enquiry is crucial which is where insight6 can help you. Is the first impression your firm provides consistently high quality, how do you know your team follow up on every occasion and do they ask for the business? insight6 provide a wide range of support that identifies how your clients feel through measuring client enquires and training your team to deliver a great first impression, client experience and crucially, how to convert more enquiries into work.

One of the areas insight6 is providing us with specific support on is gathering feedback from our members on how you feel about a range of issues, including your satisfaction with the support we offer.

This feedback is very quick and literally takes just a few seconds, but we can then act on your feedback and then measure how happy you are over time.

insight6 also provide this feedback solution for many law firms across the UK, where they get real-time feedback from their clients.

Traditionally, law firms will wait until the end of the matter to gather feedback from clients, when sometimes the relationship may have been significantly damaged by then. The only reactive solution might be to offer the client a discount and a belated apology. instant insight is a proactive system that allows you to communicate with your clients during the matter to find out how they feel about your firm’s service.

instant insight can also boost your online reputation by directing your happy clients towards any public review site so they can share their positive experience online such as on Review Solicitors or Google Reviews.


The system will send an instant, real time notification to a nominated leader in a business, so if a team member is worried about their wellbeing whilst at work, or a client is unhappy with their experience, it will trigger a dialogue between the leader and the client (or team member) to resolve an issue, demonstrating how much your firm cares.

Despite the high system demand the team at insight6 can have businesses receiving feedback within 48 hours. The system trial only requires an investment from £150 + VAT for three months of system access and full and on-going CX support.

Please click on this survey link to see what a short survey could look like when receiving it.

What do some of our Law clients say about how instant insight helps drive client service improvement:

“We have been using instant insight for approximately 2 years. In that time, we have gained valuable insights into our clients’ opinions on the services they have received from us.

This is particularly helpful during transactions as, if something is not quite living up to a client’s expectations, the feedback gives us an opportunity to put things right. We treat any expression of dissatisfaction as if it is a formal complaint, and investigate what has happened.

We also use positive comments as constructive feedback to staff and, with client permission, use some as testimonials.

Where we have needed small refinements to the reporting, our requests have been acted upon quickly and constructively. Overall, we feel instant insight is an excellent way of obtaining crucial client led improvements to our service.”

Chris Randall – Chief Executive, Mayo Wynne Baxter Solicitors

If you would like a demonstration to see how the instant insight system works, or a general chat about improving your clients experience, please get in touch with Customer Experience Director, Stuart Plant.

Mob – 07826 869121

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