Library of books for sale

Wolverhampton City Council wishes to dispose of the majority of its Law books and the proceeds of sale of which will pass to the Mayor’s Charity. The Auction will commence on 17th June 2013.


1. You must email the Council the following information: name, phone number, email address, lot number and amount of bid to
2. Bidding week 17th – 21st June 2013. Please note that there is no reserve price on any lot. Minimum increment bid is £5.00.
3. The auction will close at 4pm on Friday 21th June 2013 and the lot will go to the highest bidder. Payment will be required on or prior to collection.
4. The person who purchases the books is responsible for collecting them.
5. Lots may be collected from 26th June – 1st July inclusive between the hours of 9am and 5pm except on the last day when you are asked to pick up your books by 4pm.
6. If Wolverhampton City Council has been unable to contact the highest bidder by 26 June we will contact the next highest bidder & so on.


1. The Auction will close at 4.00 pm on 21th June 2013. Bids may be accepted only by email or as WCC decide. Bids once made may not be withdrawn without the written agreement of WCC.
2. In the case of a dispute as to any bid, the WCC may immediately determine the dispute or put up the lot again at the last undisputed bid or withdraw the lot or take any other steps that WCC consider appropriate. *
3. No person may advance less at a bid than a sum to be named from time to time by the WCC.
4. The highest bidder for each lot shall be the buyer of that lot. WCC may without giving any reason refuse to accept the bidding of any person.
5. WCC shall have the right to refuse admission to its premises or participation at the Auction to any person.
6. WCC shall try to contact the successful bidder using the details supplied by such person by 5.00 pm on 25th June 2013, but if WCC is unable to do so by that time, WCC reserves the right to offer the lot to the next highest bidder and so on, until it has successfully contacted a bidder.
7. All prospective bidders must provide their full name, telephone number, e-mail address and if applicable name of firm, lot number and amount of bid, before their bid will be considered by WCC.
8. Each lot shall be at the buyer’s risk from receipt of notification from WCC by telephone or otherwise of their successful bid being accepted but must be paid for in full in pounds sterling before property in the goods passes to the buyer.
9. Each buyer shall pay the purchase price to the WCC and at his own cost shall remove his purchase before 4.00 pm on 1st July 2013. No purchase may be removed during the sale or until such time as all other money due from the buyer shall have been paid to WCC.
10. Every person on the WCC’s premises before during or after the sale shall be deemed to be there at his own risk and with notice of the condition of the premises and their contents.
11. All goods are sold with all faults and imperfections and errors of description. Buyers should satisfy themselves prior to the auction as to the condition of each lot. Any statement by the WCC as to the lot is a statement of opinion only and every person should rely on his own judgement as to all matters affecting the lot.
12. Neither the WCC, nor its servants or agents is responsible for errors of description or for the authenticity of any lot or for any misstatement as to any matter affecting the lot. Neither the WCC, their servants or agents makes or gives, nor has any person in the employment of the WCC any authority to make or give, any representation or warranty in relation to any lot and any implied conditions or warranties are excluded to the extent permitted by law.
13. These conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English law. All transactions to which these conditions apply and all connected matters shall also be governed by English law.
14. If any lot is not paid for in full and taken away in accordance with the above conditions, or if there is any other breach of these conditions, the WCC shall at its absolute discretion and without prejudice to any other rights it may have, be entitled to exercise one or more of the following rights or remedies, that is to say:

14.1 To proceed against the buyer for damages for breach of contract;
14.2 To rescind the sale of that and/or any other lot sold to the defaulting buyer at the same or any other auction;
14.3 To resell the lot or cause it to be resold by public auction or private sale. The defaulting buyer shall then pay to WCC any resulting deficiency in the purchase price at the first Auction and with the addition of resale costs. Any surplus shall belong to the WCC;
14.4 To remove, store (either at the WCC’s’ premises or elsewhere) and insure the lot at the expense of the defaulting buyer;
14.5 To charge interest at a rate of 3% per month on the purchase price to the extent that it remains unpaid for more than 5 working days after the day of the Auction;
14.6 To retain that or any other lot sold to the same buyer at the same or any other auction and release it only after payment of the purchase price;
14.7 to levy an administration charge of £1 per lot.

* Addendum


Members are expected to conduct business with the honour system in mind. All members in good standing have shown their integrity by registering, and following through with any commitments they have made. But we are all human, and mistakes and miscommunication can lead to disputes. If you find yourself in a situation where you and another member are at a disagreement, contact us at While we cannot promise a satisfactory resolution, we will try to resolve the situation amicably where possible.