Next Steps: Developing Skills Online

Technology has been the solution to many challenges during COVID-19. Professionally, in the legal sector to conduct virtual hearings and more; and personally, helping us to stay connected to our loved ones and home-school our children. But what about skills development? COVID-19 has changed the narrative around online learning as Jody Tranter, head of BARBRI Altior explains.

When Altior launched Live Online in 2018, we saw the benefit of developing skills online. Initially, we were the first in our industry to offer this approach. But now, any solicitor admitted to the Roll in the past year would have gained their qualification online thanks to the virtual PSC offering. Plus, the SQE is now set to follow suit.

As a direct impact of the pandemic, professionals have become more open to online learning opportunities. With reduced workforces and heightened competition, we’ve seen development prioritised, especially as courses from Higher Rights to Advocacy Skills became available virtually. Now, the wider industry is anticipated to grow at over 8% CAGR between 2020 and 2026.

35% of millennials regard learning as a top consideration when choosing an employer and those who do not have the opportunity to progress are twelve times more likely to leave their role. As face-to-face classrooms remain out of reach, online training is the solution. It requires 40-60% less employee time and can increase company revenue by 42%.

Yet, to effectively reach your goals, it all comes down to the quality of your provider. A face-to-face course shouldn’t just be replicated for an online classroom – it needs to be specifically curated for this delivery.

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