The Birmingham Law Society is putting on a performance of the human rights play ‘The Exonerated’ on the evening of the 5th September 2014. The play shows the failings of death row in the US and how innocent people have spent years on death row, before being Exonerated.

We are looking for a cast – ideally lawyers and hopefully members of the Judiciary for a one night only gala performance. The good news is that the script does not need to be memorised, can sit in front of you during the performance and we would probably only need one or two read-throughs prior to the big night. We are looking for a case of unto 10 people and other than sit or a chair, read the script and perform that is about all that is required (no really). The performance should take about an hour.

If you are interested in being a part of this exciting project and to find out more please email Liz on with your full contact details.