Those working in legal are the happiest and highest earners in the UK

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The Career Welfare Index by Phoenix Health & Safety reveals the best and worst jobs for health, pay, happiness and safety
• The happiest and highest earners work in legal, earning 39% more than the UK average
• Nearly a quarter (28%) of those working in legal love their job 

Across the UK, job conditions and expectations have seen a serious shift over the last few pivotal years. Factors that may not have been a priority pre-pandemic, such as well-being support and flexibility, are now of the utmost importance. As many of us have come to find, your working environment can have a huge effect on your mental and physical health – never mind your performance. 

According to the
Mental Health Foundation, better mental health support in the workplace could see UK businesses increasing profits up to £8 billion per year. With  1 in 6.8  UK workers experiencing mental health issues of some variety, the health and safety experts at Phoenix Health & Safety decided to delve deeper into the statistics to provide the nation with a better understanding of which career paths are the best for health & safety, mental health, and overall quality of life. Enter the ‘Career Welfare Index’. 

Research conducted by
Phoenix Health & Safety has revealed which jobs are the ‘happiest’ with the highest salaries, as well as which jobs are statistically the best for welfare and health and safety.


The Happiest Jobs with the Highest Salaries

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