Pro Bono Committee Report

Mark Taylor

Committee Chair

In 2020 the pro bono committee has continued with its objectives to support, promote, signpost and raise the profile of pro bono work amongst both Birmingham Law Society members and the wider local community. The committee responded quickly to government restrictions, holding additional (virtual) meetings in the early months of the pandemic to support the continuing provision of pro bono services. Highlights of the year include:

  • Hosting a series of online events during Pro Bono Week in November 2020. These included events addressing the use of technology in the provision of pro bono services; the success and failures of remote provision of legal advice; and a hackathon event to establish ways in which trainees can assist with pro bono projects. The hackathon led to several actions which are being followed up on.
  • Welcoming student members to the committee.
  • Continuing to work with online platform, the Birmingham Pro Bono Network, to engage lawyers, students and legal professionals in the pro bonoconversation.
  • Working on the creation of a comprehensive databaseof pro bono services available in the Birmingham areaand how the public can access them.
  • Sharing information about the pro bono projects inBirmingham to assist members to understand Birmingham’s existing pro bono initiatives and to help all members identify opportunities for collaboration and cooperation.If you would like to know more about pro bono in Birmingham, or if you have any pro bono stories to share please contact the committee at: