NALP Announces New Addition to its Board

NALP, the National Association of Licensed Paralegals, has appointed Chantal Cooke to its Board of Directors joining CEO Amanda Hamilton and Director of Compliance & Regulation, Jane Robson.

Chantal Cooke is an award-winning journalist, co-founder of PASSION for the PLANET radio, and CEO of boutique PR company, Panpathic Communications. She already sits on NALP’s Governing Board, a position she has held for the last two years. She will retain this alongside her new role on the Board of Directors.

“I’ve loved working with Amanda, Jane and the NALP team over the last few years and have enjoyed making a contribution to the wider business. It is clear that paralegals, and the profession as a whole, deserves greater recognition, and I hope I can contribute to making that a reality.” said Chantal Cooke.

“We’ve worked with Chantal for three years in her capacity as our PR agent and have been really impressed with her skills, knowledge and work ethic.  We soon found ourselves turning to her to ask her opinion on issues outside her direct PR remit as we valued her practical, down-to-earth approach to challenges.”  Said Amanda Hamilton, CEO of NALP.

In the coming months, NALP will continue to work to increase awareness of the paralegal profession, while also supporting its members to further their legal careers and ensuring affordable legal help is available to everyone.