James Turner

James Turner

James Turner is a Senior Partner at Tuckers Solicitors LLP, specialising in criminal defence.  He is a Duty Solicitor, Higher Court Advocate and member of the Legal Aid Agency Peer Review Panel.  In addition to managing the Birmingham Branch of Tuckers Solicitors LLP he is a training principal for trainee solicitors, accredited police station representatives and a mentor for students attending the University of Law.  He has also taken part in training of senior investigating officers by West Midlands Police with regard to disclosure and interview technique.

Tuckers Solicitors LLP is the largest national firm in England and Wales specialising in criminal defence.  The firm has offices from Bury in the north to Brighton in the South.  The firm has been at the vanguard of innovation in the criminal justice system including the move to digital processes.  It provides full service to clients in relation to all aspects of criminal law from representation at the investigation stage, through the court process, appeal and beyond with regard to prisoner rights and civil actions against the police.  The firm undertakes coronial work and is instructed to prosecute by the HSE.  The firm is a signatory to the Care Leaver Covenant.

James is a long term member and supporter of Birmingham Law Society.  He chaired the criminal law committee for five years and is currently a member of additional committees with focus on Criminal Law, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion and the In House legal community.  He was President of Birmingham Law Society from 2018 to 2019 in the society’s bi-centennial year.  He previously served as Deputy Vice President and Vice President.  He sat on the Board of the society as an ex-officio member for two years.

His case load involves him in advising clients through each stage of criminal justice system from investigation to appeal.  He has developed a reputation for meticulous preparation and committed representation of clients charged with the most serious offences including white collar crime, conspiracy to defraud, murder, manslaughter, terrorism, serious sexual offences and non-accidental injury to children.

In his spare time he enjoys crashing motorbikes on race tracks, playing golf badly and is an avid fan of live music.

“I have been a member of the Council of Birmingham Law Society for over a decade.  The work of Council has broadened my horizons in terms of having a far better understanding of the work of colleagues in disparate areas of law.  As a specialist in a particular field we tend to work in silos but the work of Council covers all practice areas of the law.

I have been pleased to take part in improving the governance of the society and ensuring we are accountable to the members.  The Society has seen a huge amount of change over the last decade, including the leasing of the premises at 8 Temple Street as a sound financial investment which will ensure the health of the society for years to come.  We celebrated the bicentenary of the society in style and published its history to date.  Council continues to be a vibrant element of the society which ensures the Board and officers are accountable to the members.

Membership of Council led to my involvement with the society as an officer, ex officio board member and ultimately being elected as its President.  It was a huge honour to serve the society in that capacity which would certainly not have been open to me if I had not first taken part in the activities of the Council.”