Continue offering service to your callers

Our friends at Moneypenny have shared with us their switchboard solution which enables your firm to continue offering an excellent service to your callers.

The Moneypenny intelligent speech recognition transforms the capabilities of an existing switchboard, by allowing callers to self-serve (this is of course in addition to their usual Outsourced Switchboard and Live Chat products).

Know your calls are covered

Using intelligent speech recognition, the Digital Switchboard replaces in-house receptionists, allowing callers to reach the person or department they wish to speak to in seconds, all by themselves:

  • Allow callers to self-serve
  • Triage callers to manage high volumes
  • Update callers with personalised greetings – which can be changed by you at any time

This can be set up within 48 hours and Moneypenny has a team on hand to walk any of Birmingham Law Society members through this process.

If you’d like to know more, please contact or call 0333 202 1005.