Commercial property – a familiar picture emerges

Landmark’s Commercial Property Trends Report provides a view of the commercial property transaction pipeline in England, Wales and Scotland.

Our Q4 ‘23 report suggested that the market was in a holding pattern. This trend has continued into Q1 ‘24, with a continued focus on strategic large scale planning activity and subdued levels of small scale planning applications.

Other key headlines for Q1 ’24 include:

  • Environmental due diligence activity for Q1 ’24 was down 30% vs Q1 ’19.
  • Large scale commercial planning applications ended Q1 ‘24 up 11% vs Q1 ‘19.
  • Search order volumes in England & Wales fell 12% lower than Q4 ‘23 volumes, down 45% overall in Q1 ‘24 vs Q1 ’19.
  • The Scottish market paints a more stable picture, with search order volumes up 9% in Q1 ‘24 vs Q1 ‘19.
  • HMRC completion volumes in Jan ‘24 were up 2% vs Jan ’19.

Download the report now.

This release is a part of our quarterly reporting, which also includes our regular Residential Property Trends Report.