After a crack of dawn start I arrived in London chauffeured by my son and found the last parking space outside Buckingham Palace. I checked in at the desk, got my Princes Trust cycle shirt and started the 45 mile ride at 8.15 am. I joined a team from the NHS London and took my life in my hands to cycle around the streets of London. I figured I would be in good company !!

There were 4000 cyclists, small groups of 50 or so were set off at 10 minutes intervals but soon there were large groups of cyclists waiting at traffic lights – drivers were getting agitated but the cyclists were in good spirits. We cleared the busy streets of London and cycled on the calmer roads heading to Windsor Castle – the weather was glorious which made the remaining 30 miles easier to tackle. There were some tough climbs but it wasn’t a race – just as well …. We had a couple of water stops along the way and before too long we saw the turrets of Windsor Castle.

It was an exhilarating cycle I was completely shattered and pushed myself to the end. I completed the 45 miles by 1pm in time for a bite of lunch at Windsor – a sandwich and drink – I cycled into a rapturous welcome from the supporters of the Princes Trust and felt very proud to have been part of such a tremendous event. I will certainly do it again next year.

Eileen Schofield, President of Birmingham Law Society

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