As many of you will know, a Special General Meeting is to be held at Chancery Lane on 17th December when a motion of no-confidence in National President, Nicholas Fluck, and Chief Executive of the Law Society, Desmond Hudson, will be proposed. I refer you to the Notice of Motion which is attached to this note, which I would ask you to read very carefully before you reach a decision as to whether to attend at Chancery Lane and whether to vote for or against the motion. If you should choose to attend and to vote could I ask you to consider please carefully the implications of your vote.

The matter has been discussed in detail at a recent Council Meeting of the Birmingham Law Society and it was felt by Council that you should each, as individual Solicitors, consider your own position as well as that of the Society and vote entirely independently having considered in full all of the highlighted issues and the following.

(a)   The meeting will be held at 10.30am on the 17th December 2013 at Chancery Lane
(b)   Only Solicitors who are members of the Law Society will be entitled to attend and to vote on the motion. The Law Society has asked those intending to attend to register their intention but this is for logistical purposes only.
(c)    The motion is attached
(d)   Should more than 1100 people attend and be entitled to vote then the meeting will be adjourned.
(e)   After a vote is taken, should 20 or more people in the room call for a membership ballot such a ballot must be held.
(f)    If the motion is carried then it will be up to the  National Council to decide what action (if any) they should take consequent upon that meeting
(g)   As at last night  we were not aware that any firms in Birmingham had indicated that they were either challenging or supporting the motion.


Martin Allsopp