Landmark Information Group welcomes Safe Working Charter to restart England’s property market

Landmark Information Group, the leading provider of information to the UK’s property market, is today welcoming the announcement made by the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government, Robert Jenrick, to today restart England’s property market, which includes a Safe Working Charter plan.

Landmark Information Group was one of three leading organisations in the home moving process that recently presented a four-step plan to government on how to kick-start the housing market. The aim was to include the progression of transactions and safe home moving in the first phase of the easing of lockdown restrictions.
In doing so, this would restart the property industry and release over 380,000 properties that were sold subject to contract but unable to complete, as well as provide an important fiscal stimulus for the economy.

Simon Brown, Chief Executive of Landmark Information Group, said: “The announcement by government’s Housing Minister not only supports consumers who have been caught in house moving limbo since March, but protects jobs across the entire property industry. Today, estate agents, conveyancers and removal firms can return to work and get the country moving again, within strict safety parameters.

“The move also supports new-home construction industry who have to turn costs in to income through the sale of their new-house stock, be that on or off plan transactions”

“Importantly, the property market acts as an important catalyst for the wider economic recovery, with home movers spending £12 billion per annum, on average, on furnishings, improvements and appliances, which also supports small businesses, the high street and the wider economy.”

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