DWF Foundation gives over £4,000 to charities

The DWF Foundation (also referred to as the Foundation) is an independent charity, founded by DWF Law LLP. It has the sole aim of providing funds, resources and mentoring support to help individuals, groups and communities to achieve their full potential.

Earlier this year, the Foundation donated £2,200 to the Birmingham based National Institute of Conductive Education (NICE). NICE’s Pre-School Project provides free specialist sessions for disabled children aged 0-5 years helping them improve their physical ability and access early academic learning. All of the children who attend have neurological conditions such as cerebral palsy, which significantly affects their physical abilities.

Alongside donating £2,000 to local foodbanks in the City, the Foundation also donated to the GivingTree – KidsOuts who were then able to provide COVID-19 relief toys for child victims of domestic violence in Birmingham. KidsOut used the donation to support the mental and physical health of children entering the refugee system during the pandemic. The grant enabled the charity to provide over 30 refugee children living in Birmingham with brand new toys, many of whom had never received a gift before.

Gordon Moulds, Chief Executive of Kids Out, said, “It is clear to see that KidsOut’s COVID-19 relief has had a positive impact on the experiences of children in refuge over a relatively short period of time, directly supporting some of the most vulnerable members of the wider community.

“Across our toy box initiatives, KidsOut has responded to the most pressing needs of children in refuge by supporting their mental welfare.

“I would like to thank the DWF Foundation once again for their support, which made a real difference to children’s lives.”

Jon Stevens, Executive Partner of the DWF office in Birmingham said, “We are acutely aware of the impact that COVID-19 has had on vulnerable children. Many charities have seen a significant drop in donations and have been unable to complete their usual fundraising activities.

“We are delighted to have been able to support these charities as they see an increase in the need for their services.”

These donations bring the total contributions made by the DWF Foundation across the UK and Ireland in February to £38,765 and the total to charities in the Midlands since the DWF Foundation’s inception to 29 grants totalling £48,122.

For more information and details about how to apply for a grant from the DWF Foundation you can attend our application workshop on 13 May 2021, or visit our dedicated page on our website https://dwfgroup.com/en/about-us/dwf-foundation