Back to business: Helping law firms along the road to recovery

Back to business: Helping law firms along the road to recovery 

Author: Matthew Newton, Oosha

June 2020

The Coronavirus pandemic is arguably one of the legal profession’s greatest challenges, but perhaps its biggest ever trigger for change. An opportunity to modernise and to move away from outdated practices. 

In this rapidly evolving environment, no single course of action will be right for every firm. Nevertheless, those best positioned to prosper in the longer-term will right now be focusing on the fundamentals – maintaining client relationships, taking care of their people and building resiliency.

Today, most firms have moved beyond crisis response, and are looking further ahead – reimagining the shape of their business as it adapts to the next normal. They will be trying to achieve the right balance between a focus on near-term pressures, while laying the groundwork to move into recovery mode as quickly as possible, when the opportunity comes.

This will result in strategic initiatives being reinstigated and likely adapted – in some cases they may even be accelerated. It might mean building new capabilities or enhancing practice areas that are still performing. 

For some, it will mean innovation in service delivery and operations to improve client retention and the productivity of their teams. And for others, it will undoubtedly lead to the greater use of technology to support a remote workforce and to improve business continuity.

Now is the time to prepare for many different future scenarios, while navigating the short term.

Helping you along the road to recovery

As a partner of Birmingham Law Society and a technology company focused on the legal sector, we have been working with a number of specialists to provide insights to law firms – to help you through these uncertain times. 

We have been running regular educational sessions with independent experts in leadership, risk and compliance, business strategy, cyber security and remote working. Everyone of our guests specialises in helping law firms with short term challenges, while providing some perspective on the longer-term picture.

You can watch recordings of the following sessions:

● Survive and thrive in the pandemic era

● How law firms can manage the risks of COVID-19

● Leadership during the pandemic

● How law firms can adapt to remote working

● Using technology to improve back office operations

● An introduction to Microsoft Teams for professional services

● How law firms can get more from their data

● Turning to cloud for resilient business continuity

Just visit our website and click on the link to ‘Road to Recovery’ at the top of our homepage.

We’ll be adding new sessions and other practical insights every week – you can just sign-up to receive notifications. And, if there is anything you’d like us to cover just email your suggestions to:

About Oosha

Oosha is a dedicated and specialist provider of cloud IT services to the UK legal sector. We ensure firms can rely on a reliable and secure technology platform at all times. Our proactive approach means we identify and prevent issues from happening before they occur. With experience of working with many 3rd party software vendors, our team is ideally placed to resolve issues with practice, document and case management software and digital dictation applications – as well as support remote working and business continuity.