Birmingham Law Society has continued to expand its membership by signing up all of the lawyers in the Birmingham based Legal Services Centre of Hogan Lovells – an international law firm co-headquartered in London and Washington, D.C. Birmingham Law Society’s Director of Membership, Ben Henry said, “We are delighted that Hogan Lovells has agreed for all of its Birmingham based lawyers to become members of Birmingham Law Society and we look forward to meeting them over the coming months. We are always looking to expand our membership which is already the largest membership of any regional law society by some distance. The advantage to having such a large membership is that it does translate into a more active and engaged local legal community”.

Hogan Lovells is a global legal practice with over 2,300 lawyers operating out of more than 40 offices in Europe, the US, Latin America, the Middle East, Asia and Africa. One of the main reasons Hogan Lovells decided to locate its Legal Services Centre in Birmingham is the region’s strong legal profession. The head of the Legal Services Centre partner Alan Greenough said “We have committed to Birmingham by opening our Legal Services Centre here at the beginning of the year and we recognise and we recognise the importance of being an active part of this region’s legal community. Birmingham Law Society membership offers our lawyers the ability to become an integral part of the local legal community and for this reason alone becoming a member of Birmingham Law Society was an obvious decision for us”.

President of Birmingham Law Society, Mushtaq Khan, said, “I was very pleased that Hogan Lovells are to become members of Birmingham Law Society. We are always looking at the opportunity to speak to new law firms and legal service providers entering our region and there should be no doubt that over the next few years we will see many other London based professional service providers, as well as other businesses, moving some of their operations out of London into Birmingham. With our highly skilled workers, high grade office space, outstanding transport links and our geographical advantage to most other cities, what possible reason is there not to come to Birmingham?”

BLS President Muhtaq Khan & The head of the Legal Services Centre partner Alan Greenough