All Directors of the Board are appointed and approved by Council for a period of 12 months renewable at the discretion of Council for up to three years. Any Director wishing to stand for re-election after three years may do so. The Board reserves the right, subject to approval by Council, to appoint further Directors to the Board, if it feels necessary, for the smooth running of the business of the Society.

The Board meets 10 times a year, and in the event of urgent business matters, the Board may call an Extraordinary Board meeting.

Currently the Board consists of a Chairperson, Vice Chair and other Directors in the following roles:

  • Equality and Diversity Director
  • Finance Director
  • Learning and Development Director
  • Membership Director
  • PR and Media Director
  • Sponsorship Director

Each year the structure of the Board is reviewed to assess the strategic and business needs of the Board to effectively meet the operational requirements of the Society.

A copy of the Birmingham Law Society Board Business Plan is available from the Head of Operations upon request.

HR Director Role

The HR Director will be responsible for supporting the Head of Operations with HR support for the Team of 4 and reporting to the Board alongside the Head of Operations at the Board meetings.

Duties include:

  • Supporting the Head of Operations with HR issues
  • Supporting the recruitment of new team members should a position arise
  • Signing off Training requests for the Team
  • Approving contracts drafted by the Head of Operations
  • Supporting the Head of Operations in maintaining the staff Handbook
  • Conducting the Appraisal process of the Head of Operations
  • Recommending pay rises/bonuses for all staff
  • Any staff issues – Employment and HR

Closing date: Close of business on Friday 8th January 2021

If you are interested in this role, please email: becky@birminghamlawsociety.co.uk

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