Membership Committee Report

Caroline Coates

Committee Chair

The membership committee aims to ensure that the Society delivers on the objectives of being a members’ organisation by retaining existing members, targeting new members and considering the criteria for membership and subscription rates.

During 2020, the Society was focused on remaining connected to its membership through virtual events and providing a hub of information supporting lawyers as we all worked through the various lockdowns and the impacts these had on our businesses, people and clients. Birmingham Law Society provided a community and a central point as remote working became the norm, with excellent attendance at panel events, quizzes and media engagement that has been very well received.

We were able to review and agree that there would be no increase in the subscription rates given the financial pressure that member firms, chambers and individual members have been under during the year. I am pleased to report that renewals of membership were the strongest they have been for some time, clearly demonstrating the value that the Society has delivered to its members throughout the pandemic. In fact, membership has continued to increase and over the next 12 months, I am sure that the committee will continue to focus on delivering value for money for the Society’s members.