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The rate is based on the number of partners in the firm in the region / barristers in the chambers. Our corporate rate includes all employed lawyers as members of the Society to take full advantage of the benefits of membership. These include solicitors, chartered legal executives, paralegals and trainees.

£185 per partner/barrister (plus VAT for barristers only) capped at a maximum of £3500
If you are not a member by virtue of our corporate membership offer, the following are eligible at an individual rate:
Solicitors, barristers, chartered legal executives, in-house lawyers, foreign lawyers and paralegals:
£98 per individual (plus VAT for barristers only)

Students and trainee solicitors:
£25 per individual

Retired solicitors:
£25 + VAT per individual


The rate is based on the number of solicitors in the in-house team:

£250 for teams of 1-10
£550 for teams of 11-25
£1500 for teams of 26 or more

Please note that paralegals, students, trainee solicitors, pupil barristers and foreign lawyers not regulated by an approved regulator are affiliate members and do not have voting rights.

N.B. For new subscriptions taken after 1 February, the membership rates will be taken on a pro-rata basis. This does not apply to any individual or firm that has declined to renew their subscription within the last two years.